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The Life of Patriarch Ignatius
Nicetas David
Author: Andrew Smithies, Author: John M. Duffy
The Correspondence of Ignatios the Deacon
Author: Cyril Mango, Author: Stephanos Efthymiadis
Nikephoros, Patriarch of Constantinople
Short History
Author: Cyril Mango
The Correspondence of Leo, Metropolitan of Synada and Syncellus
Author: M. P. Vinson
Letters of Gregory Akindynos
Author: Angela Constantinides Hero
Nicholas I, Patriarch of Constantinople
Miscellaneous Writings
Author: L. G. Westerink
The Synodicon Vetus
Author: John M. Duffy, Author: John Parker
The Letters of Manuel II Palaeologus
Author: George T. Dennis
The Correspondence of Athanasius I, Patriarch of Constantinople
Letters to the Emperor Andronicus II, Members of the Imperial Family, and Officials
Author: Alice-Mary Talbot
Nicholas I, Patriarch of Constantinople
Author: R. J. H. Jenkins, Author: L. G. Westerink