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Featured titles

The Dumbarton Oaks Conversations and the United Nations, 1944–1994
Author: Angeliki E. Laiou, Author: Ernest R. May
The Cult of the Feline
Author: Elizabeth P. Benson
Death and the Afterlife in Pre-Columbian America
Author: Elizabeth P. Benson
Dumbarton Oaks Conference on Chavín
Author: Elizabeth P. Benson
The Life of Lazaros of Mt. Galesion
An Eleventh-Century Pillar Saint
Author: Richard P. H. Greenfield
Dante and the Greeks
Author: Jan M. Ziolkowski
Charlemagne’s Survey of the Holy Land
Wealth, Personnel, and Buildings of a Mediterranean Church between Antiquity and the Middle Ages
Author: Michael McCormick
How to Defeat the Saracens
Tractatus quomodo Sarraceni sunt expugnandi
Author: Giles Constable
Complete Works of Patriarch Nicholas I
The Life of Patriarch Ignatius
Nicetas David
Author: Andrew Smithies, Author: John M. Duffy